Michaela Cobb

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    My family has always had a farm, and I took it for granted as a kid. We had 4 chicken houses, & 250 head of cattle. I didn't realize how much time, effort and money my pawpaw put into making it a home for all of us. When he passed away our chicken houses closed down, I lost a part of my life I didn't think I could ever recover from. I went through phases where I couldn't careless about my roots, I did what every other kid was doing. It wasn't cool to live on a farm. My junior year of high school my mindset completely changed. I joined FFA, did every contest possible, because an Agriculture Intern. I'm applying to go to ABAC (Abraham Baldwin Agriculture College) to major in Ag Education. I plan on restarting my family's poultry business, My poultry team was 3rd in our state and I also show a gilt. It's crazy to think I missed so many years of what I loved. I don't go a day without thanking God for the Ag industry who helped make me the person I am today. Agriculture isn't just a job or a career. It's a way of life. It's taught me patience, understanding, morals, and hard work. I pray that the world never loses the love for Ag.