Oh, the places you'll go!


There are so many opportunities available through the FFA. This organization has taken me all over the country, given me life-long friendships, helped me become a better person, and so much more! I use to be a very shy kid but by joining FFA, I have come out of my shell. My first year of FFA my ag teacher asked me to give a speech. I was terrified! I hated speaking in front of people so speaking in front of three people who were going to judge me was not something I was interested in but I decided to give it a try. We traveled to many different speech contests all over the state that allowed me to see new places andmeet new people! Taking this chance helped me develop a love for public speaking and the FFA! There are many different conferences  and events to at13325563_1040421399373767_4334584211755725801_ntend in the FFA. There are a lot of different Career Development Events you can compete in which will help you develop many different skills too! Leader Lab is an incredible conference to attend. It’s a two day event where you meet new people, listen to great speakers,learn leadership skills, and much more! State Convention is also one of my favorite events. You get to listen to many great 12191835_883428841705982_2881453541485295086_n speakers, watch members and chapters get recognized for their achievement, and have fun! State Convention my freshmen year was where my passion for the FFA really ignited. National Convention is another one of my favorite events! It is an amazing experience! You get to meet people from all over the nation, listen to great speakers, attend the career show, shop in the FFA Shopping Mall, and so much more! This past summer I had the opportunity to attend the Washington Leadership Conference in Washington D.C. This conference changed my life.13442131_1000540433328155_6238157937822310474_nWLC is a 5 day leadership conference where you have small group sessions, large group sessions, and eye opening experiences. You get to go sightseeing around D.C. and you make a Living to Serve plan. You room with people from other states and make lifelong friendships. WLC is my favorite thing I have done in FFA. There are so many opportunities available through the FFA! It is truly a life changing organization! Don’t be afraid to try new things and take advantage of every opportunity you have in life and FFA!

-Sarah Thomas, Kansas Rep



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