Using Setbacks to shape your future...

Screen Shot 2016-10-18 at 4.34.43 PM.png It was just a normal day walking from the high school down to the ag barn for one of my last classes of the day. I noticed something a little fishy with the fact that the fire department and the police were down there. We figured it was nothing major with the fact that our ag teacher was sitting at his desk waiting on our class to arrive. We walked in and sat in our desks like the ordinary an then everyone says hey Morgan, your mom is here. I calmly got up from my desk and I walked over to my ag teacher Mr. Shively and asked him if I could speak to her. He calmly assured me that it was cold outside and he handed me the jacket off of his own back, he then lead me outside and to my mom. Once I was close to her I begged to know what was going on. She told me everything was going to be okay and I asked again what was wrong. She told me that the heat lamp in my pigs pen had shorted out and his whole pen burned up. She told me that he was severely burned and saving him would keep him in too much pain. I then asked if I could see him as tears began to flow from my eyes.  I walked to the back barn where the firemen and police men lined up for me to walk past. Once I made it to my wilber I did not have a care in the world how hot or wet everything was. All I cared about was cuddling up with my baby boy one last time. In the instant that I did this tears began to flow from Wilbur's eyes and he began to squeal when he heard my voice. In this moment all the memories of how my baby boy would run after me when we played around in the barn and how he would always dig around until he realized I saw him and he tried to play it off!

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Anyways...Me standing here three years later realizes that as many times as people say you should not form a bond with these animals its nearly impossible. During all of this I was taking care of my first show lamb too.. his name was Max! Although it seems like I would be crazy to say that my lamb was affected when my pig died ill say it anyways. Max and Wilbur were inseparable and they loved to run around and play together on good days and on the calmer days they just cuddled and chilled together! Sometimes I would go out to Wilbur's pen to find it empty in the mornings and I would later find him cuddled up close to Max in his pen. The point of me telling this story is to show that these animals are not just creatures that we feed everyday. These animals are the key to our futures. They are the  key to learning responsibility, courage, integrity, honesty, work ethic,  and overall being honest and fair in the game of life. As much as the events in this story hurt me and brought me down they really built me back up. In life you are going to feel super weak and brought down but sooner than you know it you are back on your feet putting one foot in front of the other. It has been three years since that day and every time I am brought down I remember that day and how it changed me and shaped me into the hardworking devoted person I am today. So... remember that next time you are brought down the situation is going to mold you into a better person. These animals are the key to our futures and even when the sad things like this happen we are still learning through the process. It may seem like losing just a pig is not such a big deal but these animals are family too. As my mom always says "never sweat the small stuff, enjoy life and keep putting one foot in front of the other." So next time you hit a bump in the road remember that its going to help better you for your future and instead of sulking about it and just wishing it would all end, get up and be positive even when its tough!