“You’re just a farmer”

I’m pretty sure every FFA kid has heard the stereotypical saying “you’re just a farmer”. Some people take offense to that label, but I do not. Many people think of a farmer as a person who lives in the middle of nowhere on a farm, and on the other hand we have those img_4185who see farmers as unsophisticated, soulless animal killers. The real definition of a “farmer” is “someone who deals with agriculture or farming on a daily basis”. Let’s face it we are “farmers”. My friend Arora (Wisconsin rep) had a calf born on her farm a while back, and this little guy did not have a fighting chance. Arora did everything in her power to keep him alive. I think at one point she literally gave mouth to mouth to this calf. In the end the calf died. People have no idea what farmers go through on a daily basis for their animals. Everyone is so quick to judge. Let’s not be ashamed of being called a farmer. Farmers are some of the most hardworking, dedicated people alive. We do put the food on the table and the clothes on your back. To everyone that has been called a farmer take pride in that label. You are what they say you are a “FARMER”. Michael Sanchez- Texas Representative

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