So God Made a Farmer's Kid


In 2013 Paul Harvey’s “So God Made a Farmer” speech was made famous through Dodge’s Super Bowl commercial. The commercial quickly went viral, reaching tens of millions of people. Soon after, a similar poem was released, “So God Made a Farmer’s Wife.”

But, there is still a part of the farm family that hasn’t gotten the credit they deserve. A farmer’s kids. These youth are a rarity in today’s world. In my opinion, one of earth’s true hidden gems.

Today I would like to present you with yet another poem thanking the hard-working people of our agriculture industry. Because of them, we can be clothed, fed, sheltered, and have all of our needs met.trailer

On the 10th day, God looked down on his farmer and his farmer’s wife. He was pleased with the work his caretakers had done. They were working as a team, caring for his paradise.

But, he couldn’t help but feel that something was missing. His family of caretakers was not complete. Something was missing…

He realized that no matter how powerful this couple was, they couldn’t do his work alone.

Who would continue their work when they had grown weary? Who would keep the legacy intact? Who would keep this duet on their toes? Who could ask questions and learn the wisdom of these caretakers? Who could help them in their times of need?

Ah, but, you see, God, he had an idea. He knew who could fill those shoes. He knew of a person who could do what was needed, without hesitation.steer

So, on the 10th day, God blessed his caretakers with what he called a Farm Kid.

This farm kid would be nurtured with more love than ever imagined. This kid would practically be a shadow of their parents, following them around everywhere. Over the course of their childhood, they would gain the knowledge of their parents.

This farm kid would go to school, participate in all sorts of other activities, but still be a key component to caring for this paradise.

A farm kid would never be a regular kid. Some of their classmates will go home and play video games, sit on the couch, and not do anything for the rest of the day. During the busy times of the year, this kid would put in a 40+ hour work week between Monday and Friday. On top of school, homework, and other activities, this kid would manage to work right beside their parents in their “free time.” On the weekends this kid would also manage to pull the occasional all-nighter. To work from before sunrise to long after the moon had awaken. On a Monday morning, this kid might be up at 3 am helping a cow with her calf, right beside their parents. This kid might get back from the vet’s office at 5, take care of everything else before cleaning up and getting to school on time. To know that as soon as the last bell of the day went off, they’d be going right back to work. But, somehow, they would look forward to it. They would not look at it as work. No, it wasn’t work. It wasn’t ajob. It was their way beloved of life.goat-barn

This kid would sometimes hate this farm life. But, deep down, they would always know that they were better for the experience. They would know that because they were a farm kid they could do anything. They would know that their parents would be behind them, no matter what.goat

Oh, God knew he needed one tough son-of-a-gunto help his caretakers. He knew that he could get that in a farm kid. He knew that not everyone could handle it or understand what it meant. He knew that this special type of kid would make his paradise better, and keep it moving. He knew that a Farm Kid would become an essential part of his family of caretakers.

So God Made a Farm Kid.

-Collin Witte, Iowa Rep.